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most photographed

July 15, 2011

the most photographed parts of Paris: Notre Dame, Louvre, Montmartre, Tour Eiffel & La Defense. Red represents tourists, blue  locals and yellow either.


mapping the project

July 13, 2011

Initial planning of our Biometric Paris explorations. The selected areas range from a single street to the whole of Paris.
The two main key notions are “designer as observer” and “urban coding”.

the idea of art in the city

July 8, 2011

The mesmerizing intro credits of 1999, Psychopathologie de la vie quotidienne dans le monde des arts are from a hybrid feature documentary/performance/cultural commentary by Ultralab. This clip beautifully combines the idea of art, with the idea the museum as urban muse. The documentary itself goes a lot deeper into the “provocation” and will be explained in our workshop.

situationism dead or alive

July 4, 2011

An amusing and interesting rant on Situationism: “Instead of tired calls for social justice, Situationism demands the right to drunken play, for the spilling of semen on the cobblestones. All this sounds less like Utopia and more like Amsterdam, Dublin, Prague, or any European city overrun by drunken American college students in the summer, taking in the urban fabric late at night with pub crawls.” ~ More about Situationist International

map as time-based narration

June 27, 2011

Madrid’s CityMurmur aims at addressing maps and diagrams not as passive representation of realities but as tools for interpretation and action. It wants to build a time-based narration, an historical archive of media coverage of the urban space which is able to reveal some hidden dynamics useful for city policy support, critical media analysis, and sociocultural research.
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