thoughts on mobile media

Designing tools and content for mobile devices. _by GC

It is estimated that by 2013 half of all web searches will not be made by a desktop or laptop computer, but rather by a mobile phone. Designing and developing content for these devices requires a new set of skill and understandings. Forget what you know about print design or ever even desktop web design for that matter. These new devices require lean and effective design that is wrapped in the latest delivery method. In addition to knowing what technologies are available, it is equally important to understand what technology is appropriate.

In addition to iPhone, Android phone, webOS devices, Windows-based phones, and RIM devices, The proliferation of tablets such as the iPad have added a new exciting layer to mobile media. Learn about where iPad publishing and the creation of apps for such devices fits into the future of communication.

Throughout this course we will also be placing special emphasis on the use of, and designing for, mobile media. We will explore the different types of available platforms and their various uses. We will also be discussing and learning about the skills that go into producing such sites and applications. Knowing how to create content for these devices is an important skill to develop.

  • Websites for mobile media: How design must conform to the limitations and requirements on mobile
  • Publishing digital books and magazines for iPad, Kindle and other eReaders.
  • Web 2.0 Apps and how these are different from downloadable apps.
  • Creation of apps for the iPad and iPhone using COCOA and delvering your product on iTunes.
  • Creation of apps for Android, Palm, and RIM devices.
  • Special consideration for legacy devices.

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